Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taken for a Ride

Some music stories are destined to be tragedies from the start.

"Pop" is a dirty word in most critic's circles. It evokes disdain and instant poor reviews. But what do you do with a band like The Cardigans? I mean, it's obviously Pop, but when you take in the fact that they're writing their own Pop, their own way, you can see why the jury is still out.

What I mean is Pop is usually written by a "machine"; expensive writers, producers, and guest vocalists/musicians all come together to force an artist on the general public. We are supposed to see just how amazingly "pop"ular that artist is. OMG, "insert Favourite Hip Hop/R&B star here" is on this track? Holla!

But the Cardigans have no guest stars, no guest writers, and no shame; They set out to write a hopelessly catchy and sweet album in "Life", and they prove they understand what real irony is. (Note to Hipsters: claiming to like something random from the 80's is not ironic, it's just annoying. Go back to playing with your iPhone. Now THAT's the ironic part).

Just one year before "Lovefool" would make the Corduroy Boys dance at the same time as the Crop Top Girls, "Carnival" came out. We didn't really embrace it in Canada, but we should have. And so should you.

"Carnival" by The Cardigans

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