Friday, July 16, 2010

Trapped. And I Like It.

Myself and Dave rarely disagree so sharply as we do about Blitzen Trapper. He can't believe I listen to this trash. Well, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I found myself drawn back to the 90's when I heard them; You know, when "alternative" actually meant something. To me, it stood for(and still should stand for) artists that don't give a rat's bum about what might sell. It meant (and still means, and should mean) complete artistic freedom.

Blitzen Trapper runs the gambit; They don't care what's in, what's cool, or hell, they sometimes seem to not care about what sounds pleasing. They (in the immortal words of Big Audio Dynamite) just play music.

In "Wild Mountain Nation", we are treated to a journey down a southern gravel road. Smoking a joint on top of a hay bail in the back of a '68 F-100. Could we start a fire?

I don't give a truck. Just play music.

"Wild Mountain Nation" by Blitzen Trapper

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