Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sharon Learned the Hard Way.

When Sharon Jones last came through Edmonton, I heard heartbreaking news. She said that she wasn't sure she could tour with the band forever because her mom was ill, and needed her to take care of her.

This band tours in a van. No bus, no planes, no limos. The Dap-Kings are in huge demand because of their authentic sound. Do not call this a retro act. This is real, and this is what music is supposed to sound like.

When I ordered my first Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings album, It cost $45, and the staff looked at me like I was from Mars. When I bought my second Sharon Jones album, it cost me $20, and the staff jumped down my throat with "Isn't that a great album?". Yes. Just like the first one was a great album.

Don't pretend you know great music only after somebody tells you it's great. Form your own opinions, people. You don't like Sharon Jones? Fine. But she's real, and she kicks the crap out of any catchy pop or discordant indie band I've ever heard.

Hear it for yourself.

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